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Macrostomum lignano
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Macrostomum lignano genome

The current annotated M. lignano genome assembly is Mlig_3_7.

The assembly is available for download, browsing and searching at

All genome and transcriptome assembly versions are available for download and blast searches on this site.

Genome assemblies:

Mlig_3_7 - hybrid PacBio/Illumina/454 assembly

ML100925 - second hybrid 454/Illumina assembly

ML100625 - first hybrid 454/Illumina assembly

ML100508 - "6x" shotgun-only 454-only assembly, new Celera assembler version (6.1)

ML100317 - "6x" shotgun-only 454-only assembly

ML091102 - early draft "5x" genome assembly

All transcriptome assemblies:

Mlig_RNA_3_7_DV1_v3 - genome-guided transcriptome assembly Mlig_RNA_3_7_DV1_v3

Mlig_RNA_3_7_DV1_v1 - genome-guided transcriptome assembly Mlig_RNA_3_7_DV1_v1

MLRNA150904 - de novo transcriptome assembly RNA1509

MLRNA131024 - de novo transcriptome assembly RNA1310

MLRNA110815 - de novo transcriptome assembly RNA815